Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mr. Hershey Kiss at the Provo Temple

OK this one might be a "you had to be there" dating story but it is good anyway.

While studying in the WILK one day for a Spanish mid-term, this guy came up to me with the "I just got home from my mission to Argentina so I can totally help you study" line.  Unfortunately I fell for it and we had a date the next night.  

After a dinner with little conversation and a lot of awkward moments I decided that it wasn't a match.  That was confirmed a thousand times over when he dropped me off and asked if he could give me a "lower back massage".  What is that anyway?  I didn't wait around to find out.

Two weeks later he showed up at my apartment and asked if we could be friends.  I said yes and he asked if I would go on a "friend" drive with him.  I said sure, because I needed a break from studying and we drove to the Provo temple.  It was snowing outside and he parked and asked if we could go on a walk.  I reluctantly said yes and we started shuffling on the ice on our way up and around the temple.  Maybe he planned it that way so we could link arms and keep each other stable on the "friend" walk.

When we were almost back to the car he stopped and turned me so that I was staring straight into his eyes.  Then he said as he slowly knelt to the ground and grabbed my hand, "I have been wanting to ask you this ever since I first laid eyes on you in the WILK."  Naturally I burst out into loud laughter trying to ease the awkwardness - but he wasn't laughing.  Then he pulled out a ring box which just made me mad.  I didn't want to open it but 5 minutes later he was still on one knee and I was cold.  So I opened it only to find a hersey kiss which I quickly ate because I was also hungry.

I looked at Mr. Hersey Kiss with this look that said "you are so weird", and he stood up, looked me in the eyes and said (word for word) "I gave you a hersey kiss, but I REALLY wanted to give you this kind of kiss..."  Before I could move an inch, he had put his hands in a grip lock around the back of my head and pulled me in for a big fat kiss.  

I wonder what he thought when I screamed right before he kissed me...


Kristen said...


mike said...

That’s hilarious. I’m just imagining what’s going on in this guy's head, and I’m thinking he’s probably feeling like this is a pretty smooth move. Unbelievable.

Jordan Merrell said...

I can't believe a boy would think that would work! Too funny.

Kim & Bruce said...

Amazing what you learn while at the "Y" I love all of your dating stories

Dan In Real Life said...

hahahaha....erin your blog is super funny! This is the cheesiest move ive ever read about!