Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mr. Paul Wall JR

I am a pool shark. Really - just ask my friend Buck (that's his pool junkie name). He took me to play pool in West Jordan (sup) one Saturday night and we played from 10pm to 4:30am the next day. Hard core. So naturally something "How to Find Mr. Wrong" had to happen right? Right! So here it is...

After 5 rounds of pool (I was 2-3) these two couples walked in and got the table right next to me and Buck. I kept thinking the whole time - that guy totally looks like Paul Wall - I know who Paul Wall is from some late night rap documentary I accidently saw a few years ago and I also love grills. He was definitely a wannabe PW but he still had this uncanny resemblance.

So while trying to focus on our game we had to deal with PDA central right next to us. Then Buck went to the back to get a coke and all he*& broke loose. PW Wannabe broke away from his girlfriend and came over to ask me if a was a regular (do I really look like a pool hall regular? Help...). I said no and he said he just moved there and would really like to show me around. So I told him thanks but I was there with Buck while I nervously looked at his annoyed girlfriend.

I thought that was the end after Buck came back to the table to finish our round until PW Jr. and his girlfriend got packed up and ready to leave. He came over and slipped me a business card for some plumbing service on the front with his name scribbled on the back and his phone number. Right in front of my pool partner who he might as well thought was my boyfriend he put it in my hand, lingered waaaaaay too long and said "text me sometime".

I still have that card. Memories you know?

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