Monday, November 16, 2009

Mr. I Don't Bite High School All Star

Some of you are going to wonder why I didn't post this a long long time ago. This is such good stuff. Honestly, with the resurrection of this blog, a lot of these boy encounters that I had hidden somewhere in the corners of my mind have suddenly reappeared in all their glory. Enjoy.

One day I decided to plant myself at the Law Library to study for a midterm in Food, Science and Nutrition. That's where all the cute, single, college boys hang out that want to be lawyers right? I managed to meet the only guy in the place that didn't even go to BYU. I should have known when a head popped up waaaaay too close to mine and a guy asked for my name and number. Since I was kind of there to meet someone and not really study (come on guys, I was 20 years old!) I gave it to him.

He picked me up the next night and took me to Leatherby's Ice Cream parlor where he sat right next to me in the booth instead of across from me (I hate that) and told me story after story about girls who had proposed to him. When that didn't impress me he pulled out the big guns. "My roommates really want to meet you - let's go back to my place." I actually protested this time but he persisted and I ended up in his apartment which was, by the way, empty.

When I asked where his roommates that wanted to meet me so badly were he told me they would probably be home soon and said that he wanted to show me his new TV in his bedroom. So I did what any good Provo girl would do - I crossed the invisible bedroom line and stood in the doorway unwilling to go any further. He proceeded to dive onto his bed and when I wouldn't budge kept patting the spot next to him and saying "Don't Worry - I Won't Bite". I think that phrase should be erased out of the English vocabulary.

I insisted that I stay standing in the doorway and he said "Well it's up to you but you won't enjoy the video I am going to show you as much..." I wanted to run for the hills but I had no way home. He put in the VHS tape and started playing a video that just so happened to be a local news station story of him on his High School golf team winning an award 10 years earlier. Cool.

So I pretended to get reaaalllly tired and made him take me home. I guess that put him in a particularly playful and energetic mood because he kept trying to one-arm tickle me all the way to the car. I was so annoyed I kept moving from one side to the other to avoid his feeble attempt at flirting.

When he parked I started running to my door without waiting for him. He started shouting at me to wait but I kept going. I fumbled for my keys and he had almost caught up to me and was holding something. It was too late for me to find out what it was - I opened my front door to a room full of my 4 roommates and their boyfriends right as he held up his High School Letterman's jacket and said "Wait Erin - I want you to wear my jacket!"

I shut the door in his face.


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Hilary Burton said...

Ha ha ha...I should start my own blog with stories...I have soo many!!!

I have a similar story of a boy trying to get me into his room when I was at Snow College...and there was no crossing the invisible line! Ha ha ha

Emily Sue said...

Oh my gosh!!!! SOOOOO good!!

Jill said...

BYU law library is full of balding, married guys with jean shorts