Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mr. Wild Phone

I had a dinner date this week and I was really excited. It was with a good friend I have known for a long time and we were going to this swanky LA place. My perfect night. While waiting for him in the lobby I was finishing up a conference call on my Blackberry which also has a totally-me Zebra cover. I love that phone. After getting off the conference call I walked closer to the counter to see if I could find my date for the night. Instead I ran smack dab into a guido-looking guy. He blocked my path and then blurted out "I like your phone". "Um, thanks" was all I had to say while still scanning the restaurant for my date. Then the worst 7-word phrase exited his guido mouth. "Are you as wild as your phone?" OK first of all, since when is a phone considered wild? I mean mine is all business... I said "No, I'm really conservative." I think he felt dumb that I didn't fall for his trap. So he asked again!!! "You aren't wild like your phone? Because you look wild. I hear that girls that like animal prints are really wild." I repeated my denial of his attempt at coming onto me. "Well I am an exception I guess - no wildness here. I am really boring." Then I saw my date. He was staring at me and Mr. Wild Phone and laughing his head off. Then the dude keeps asking me questions - "Are you coming from work? Where do you work? Where do you live?" It was an interrogation. I said "I'm actually meeting someone here." That's when my date decided to come to the rescue. Guido got really embarrassed and apologized for talking to me when I was there with someone else. I said, "no problem. Nice to meet you." We sat down and to my horror when I looked up crazy, guido, phone man was sitting right behind my date giving me weird looks ALL night.
I felt torn between two men and a wild, wild phone by my side.


Janice said...

If you stopped wearing mini-skirts, tube tops and hooker heels, guidos would stop thinking you're so wild!

Kristen said...

lets be honest, you ARE as wild as your phone.