Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mr. Car Crash Flirt

Here I was in a shuttle full of people on the way to LAX for a mid-day flight to NYC. I always park my car at the same parking garage and I happened to be there just last week where the attendant was giving me "the eye". The flirty eye. So why should I be surprised the next week when I was back and he kept looking back at me in the rear view mirror on the way to the airport asking me all about my upcoming flight and trip to NYC that he had such an intense interest in? Our conversation got cut short when the car in front of us braked quickly and he was looking at me instead of the road so he slammed on his brakes too late and swerved into the lane to the right only to crash into the car that was already there. All of the other passengers in the van groaned as the flirty driver got out and exchanged insurance information with the victimized driver. 15 minutes later and back on track for Terminal 4 I thought I was off the hook from Mr. Car Crash Flirt's advances, only to have him ask me for my number in front of the other weary passengers in case the insurance company needed to talk to a witness. Awesome. I wonder if he will call...

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